JULIAN "Pseudonym"

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Julian Adderley  Answer the Question about his Nickname during an interview (Read the complete interview on the Press Area)

JACK WINTER: I understand that your nickname, Cannonball, is a corruption of "Cannibal..."

CANNONBALL ADDERLEY: I got a reputation for my trenchermanship early in life, and when I was going to school down in Tallahassee one of the guys in our group wanted to call me a cannibal; but he mispronounced it as "can-i-bol." So the other guys' in the band would call me Canibol more to tease him than to tease me. But of course other folks, not being in on the joke, distorted it and it became "Cannonball."


Contractual reasons? Just plain fun? Sometimes Julian Adderley  appear on recordings under other Name . Here's the complete list 


Leader Session


Spider Johnson   Spider Johnson The Popeye Band Riverside 45 Rpm 4522
Buckshot La Funque   Louis Smith Here Comes Louis Smith Blue Note,BLP 1584
Ronnie Peters   Milt Jackson Plenty Plenty Soul Atlantic, 1269
Jud Brotherly  Oscar Perterson With The All-Star Big Band Verve, 8476
Blockbuster  Jon Hendricks A Good Git Together Pacific Jazz, 1283